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Industrial Design Service

     At Thaqeb Studio we translate ideas into products which fit our client’s portfolio and can be properly manufactured. We're able to tackle every aspect within product development, through in-depth design process. which allows us to carry out complete projects from scratch to market introduction.

  • Design Research

Our design research service emphasizes the importance of research as a starting point for each project, to build better understanding and a solid foundation that consist of important data like user research, market studies, competitors, and customer’s needs, which will lay the foundation for the development of a successful product.

  • Concept Generation

Our concept generation service focuses on generating functional, user friendly, aesthetically pleasing and unique products. We develop a solution based on valuable research outcome that can be appropriately placed in the market and generate revenue.

  • Engineering & Visualization

Our engineering & visualization service uses 3d cad softwires to convert your concept into a three-dimensional model and technical drawing ready for manufacturing to meet functional requirements. We visualize your product with high quality renders to help you marketing your ideas.


  • Prototyping

Our prototyping service works on creating low to high fidelity prototypes made to test and improve functionality and user experience. These models are used to give a clear understanding of design features.

  • Manufacturing Sourcing

Our manufacturing sourcing service provide you with a network of trusted manufacturers. We can find a suitable solution for any product design and guide the tool making process, production and quality control.


  • Product Development Consulting

Our consulting services can help you get where you want to be. By providing feedback and revisions on product development ideas, and helping integrated teams prepare for a product launch or relaunch.

* We provide ranges of additional design services to support our clients from the concept stage to the market launch.

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